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Control Unit  
Control Unit  -
Movement of Axis  
Diameter Range (ID) 19-200 mm
Workpiece Weight (kg) 900
Maximum Workpiece Length (mm) 710 mm
Working Area Envelope 915x1015 mm
X axis movement (mm) 736
Y axis movement (mm) -
Z axis movement (mm) 762
A axis movement (degree) -
C axis movement (degree) -
X axis cutting speed (m/min) -
Y axis cutting speed (m/min) -
Z axis cutting speed (m/min) -
Reciprocation Speed (Stroke-Z Axis) 1-160 spm
A axis speed (degree/min) -
A Axis max. turning acceleration °/s² -
A axis max. turning speed rpm -
A axis max. turning torque Nm -
A Axis rated load torque Nm -
A axis clamping moment  N -
Coolant of A Axis -
Type of C Axis Motor -
C axis speed (rpm) -
C axis max. turning acceleration °/s² -
C axis max. turning torque Nm -
C axis max. turning speed rpm -
C axis rated load torque Nm -
C axis clamping moment N -
Coolant of B axis -
Tool Holder -
Tool Holder Type  -
Number of Pockets -
Type of Magazine -
Spindle -
Type of Spindle Motor -
Spindle Max.Speed (rpm) 90-600 rpm
Spindle Motor 5,5 Kw (7.5 Hp)
Stroke Motor DC SERVO
Spindle Max.Torque (rpm)-S1 (Nm) -
Spindle Max.Torque (rpm)-S6 (Nm) -
Diameter of spindle bearing at front and rear (mm) -
Number of Hours that spindle can spin at max.rpm -
Cooalant -
Coolant Sump Pump Centrifugal Pump
Sump Pump Motor 0,25 kw-(.33 hp)
Sump Pump Rate 114 LPM-(30 GPM)
Coolant Requirements Sunnen Industrial Honing Fluids
Floor Space  
Floor Space (Without Coolant Tank Option) 2210 W x1805 D x 2275 H mm
Floor Weight (kg) 2.040
Floor Load 512 kg/sq. Meter
Electrical Requirements 460 V, 60 HZ, 3Ph
400 v,50 Hz,3Ph
Color Stainless Steel
Noise Emission Less than 72 dB contiounus
Load condition in a Typical factory Environment